Fetish are really common and many people don’t even know some of the things they like are considered a fetish.

To help you know here is a list of fetish and its scientific names, some of these names are not too common, but it may be nice to know what is the proper name for all of these fetish or even check if you are you familiar with any of these:

Let’s start with animals, there are some animal related fetish. In general when you fell aroused by animals different human this is called Zoophilia. There are a couple of more specific fetish related to animals like when you feel aroused with insects this is called Formicophilia. But when it is specifically with bees and wasps the named used is Melissaphilia.

Believe it or not, age is a frecuent aspect that increases people mood for sex, can you believe it? If you don’t here are some examples. When the desired person is a prepubescent children the name used is Pedophilia. If the person you like is between 11 to 14 in other words pubescent aged children the term is Hebephilia. on the other hand if this person age is between 15 and 19 Ephebophilia is the word for this. Finally if what turns you on are elderly, your fetish is called Gerontophilia.

As age is not the only thing that matters, there are specifc body parts that wake up some people’s passion. Let’s start with the word used with foot fetish, this is Podophilia, so if you are into feet this is the word for you fetish. When what you like the most is buttocks, is how it is called, next time you can say your butt fans friends they have a Pygophilia fetish.

Have you ever heard from arousal to pubic hair? That’s pubephilia. Some other body related fetish are Nasolingus it means feeling aroused for sucking on a person’s nose. Partialism is the interest for other body parts different from the reproductive organs, e.g., calves. And even there is Acrotomophilia the amputees people desire. The opposite side of this last fetish is Apotemnophilia when the arousal is caused by oneself as an amputee.

A fetish is usually to be aroused by an object that has been in contact to the person you desire. But there are some other objects by which you may be interested too. Can you imagine to be sexually exited by a statue? Yeah, that may not be your case but there is people who like statues in a special way, this particular preference is called Agalmatophilia.

But you also need to know, the desire for a particular object, different from fetishism is called Objectophilia. Some other object related are for wood Xylophilia, for stone and gravel Lithophilia; for feces Coprophilia. If you have seen soap operas, the girls that pretend to fall from the stairs must have Climacophilia. The arousal to have sex in front of mirrors is called Katoptronophilia.

Curious facts, there are some fetish that involve elements in the environment, Actirasty is one of them and it means the person is aroused by the sun’s rays. When you are inspired by caverns, crevices, and valleys Chasmophilia is the word for you. And last but not least from things in nature that may cause a fetish kind arousal is Nebulophilia, in other words people who likes fog.

Even we already talked about body parts and age, high is also condidered by some people and the name used is Anasteemaphilia the one who likes giant or dwarf , or in other words extreme statures.
Some fetish more related to behaiviours or change of appearance are Autogynephilia and Autoplushophilia. The first is when a men feels arousal to see himself as a woman; and the second Autogynephilia oneself dressed as a giant cartoon-like stuffed animal.

When you enjoy touching a touching a stranger in a crowded place Frotteurism is the name for it. Talking about publich or crowded places, Exhibitionism is the behavior that involves showing sexual organs in public or enjoying the fact of being seen in public performing any kind of sexual related behaviours. On the other hand when what you like is to spy people for sexual gratification voyeurism is the phrase.

Tickles and pain and corpses are in the list too. Each one of these are: Knismolagnia for tickles; Masochism pleasure from receiving pain, sadism arousal from causing pain; Necrophilia de desire for corpses.

People who are bothered because of this speak impairment don’t have to be upset any more there are some who are aroused by stuttering the name for this Psellismophilia.

Playing with temperature is what you find atracive? Psychrophilia is the expression for this, at it involves watching others who are cold or to be cold or.

Arousal to being cold and watching others who are cold

Transvestic Fetishism consist in the desire as a male to wear or touch women underware with their private parts. The water sports have a technical name which is Urophilia or peeing other.

This ones are not enough? There is also, clown, balloon, hair, and eating people fetishes but we may talk a little about them next time.

I am not sure if you think this is a long or short list, but I hope you found at least it has some new information about fetish you may have not known. There is also a little complicated to pretend to include all possible fetish because human sexual behaviours are as complex and as numerous as the number of human in the world. At the end what really matters is to enjoy oneself, keeping in mind that everything we experience must be agreeded with your partner, when you are in bed there are few limits, and we need to express what please us the most. In case you feel you don’t have someone you trust to share this particular tastes, there are always great fetish escort services, they for sure will pleasure you judgment free and all fantasies come true. Valerie August is a London fetish escort, who can satisfy many of your desires without judgement, not matter how strange or shameful they may feel to you!

What is a Roleplay Escort, how can you get them to dress up like a sexy schoolgirl and have hot sex with you on a very regular basis and how much do the best of the best with regards to Roleplay Escorts Cost, if anything at all?

The roleplay escort, and what the holy grail of all BDSM sexual fiend women can teach you about what really hot sexual intercourse is all about with just the right amount of kink

Ahh, a blog article that I have been looking to write about for quite some time now, as I myself actually regularly attend BDSM bondage club scenes, and specifically seek out this type of woman on a very large scale. Role play, for those readers that are not familiar with the term as it sits on this blog post right now, is a type of fetish or sexual fantasy in which the man or woman dresses up as something or someone, pretends to be something they are not, or buys items and wears certain make up combinations and other type things in order to better please their partners sexually and to keep the spice up in the relationship. The most common roleplay escorts that you can get are typically going to be schoolgirl escorts, as this is by far one of the most popular types of sexualized women roles, with young schoolgirl women that are just barely 18 being one of the most Google keywords currently on the market. Aside from this, it is also incredibly attractive, and other related role playing fantasies include hooker or prostitute fantasies, having sex while blind folded, tied up or while pinned to a saint andrew’s cross, forced fantasies, anal role playing fantasies, doctor, lawyer, teacher, astronaut, and just about any other type of fantasy of the like that you could possibly imagine.

What are the top ten role playing fantasies that a good role playing escort will be able to do for you, and are role playing escorts costly, or is there a way to get them for free through BDSM role playing clubs?

Among the top ten role playing fantasies to have with your partner during sexual intercourse are as follows:

  • The school girl role playing fantasy-I don’t think it will really come to the surprise of any of the people reading this article right now that this is by far the number one role playing fantasy currently around, with literally tens of millions of searches on the internet each month, there is just something about men and their super powerful lustful desire to ravage and sexually demolish super hot and kinky school girl women, including Asian school girls, Japanese school girls, African American school girl women, Hispanic, skinny, thick, blonde, red head, and just about everything in between that you could possibly think of out there, a personal favorite of mine and of what appears to be everyone else as well.


  • The forced against her will role playing fantasy-While this is something that I typically am not cool with doing with my partner even in the context of a consensual sex bout, there is absolutely not doubt in my mind that this can be very fun for both partners if it is done properly.


  • The Millionaire role playing fantasy-While this may not seem like something that is in the top ten, studies have shown that women that are married to rich men orgasm much more frequently than those men that are in less of a financial standing, and most of them also show that women that are married to rich men are significantly happier, it’s no wonder that having your hubby dress up in a business suit and talk dirty to you while you pretend that you’re his hot secretary is one of the most sexy things that a couple can possibly do.


  • The President of the United States Role playing fantasy-This was one that I myself was a little bit surprised with in all honesty, however it made sense once I dove a little bit deeper into it. Nature has inclined women to be attracted to a few things, namely height, looks, money, power, attractiveness, body type, and most of all..you guessed it, POWER. The POTUS fantasy can really get your ladies juices flowing, as the thought of power will turn her on and bring her to orgasm much faster than without it.


5 The Teacher Fantasy-This is an obvious one to be on the top ten, and I actually couldn’t personally believe that it wasn’t much higher up on this list. I think that just about everyone in the world has had that super hot high school teacher or college professor that has really given them a stiffy, and acting out that fantasy can really work wonders for a couples sex lives. Oddly enough the one time that I dated a teacher for a few months the fantasy got old, and it got old really really quickly!

6 The Hot Nurse Fantasy-In my book this is number two, but honestly I can’t really argue with it since this entire list is pretty much super kinky and I would personally take any one of these role playing fantasies. Men have a thing for hot nurses, and especially hot nurses in uniform, and there is literally tons of vidoes online of hot nurses going to town on their patients.

7 The Doctor Fantasy-The doctor fantasy is one that is going to be akin to the nurse fantasy but for females.

8 The virgin fantasy-Ahh another one of the best, men love virgin women, and if the guy is buff and hot and rich, then women love virgin fantasies too! Win Win!

9 The aggressive woman dominatrix fantasy-Some men are into this, thankfully I’m not one but who am I to judge after being a BDSM sex blogger.

10 The Movie Fantasy, Acting out your favorite movie characters and scenes within the context of your bedroom sex adventures.